Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year, and a new life

I haven't posted since September, which is maybe the longest I have gone without a post.  I am not going to write much about the what and why's, but here is the story in a very small nutshell.  My husband asked me for a divorce in November, we are signing the papers on Thursday, and my life as I had known it and thought it would continue, is over.

Here is the good and new part:  my new life is beginning now.  I have been, and will continue to be, sad about the losses, but I choose LIFE and I am open to embracing every new thing that comes my way.

I joined the MONDO BEYONDO class which started this week (see button in my sidebar, they are still open) and this is my first posting to the site:

"I am here to be wide open to whatever is coming my way.  I intend to be open to the new, and to say yes more, to be curious about new experiences.

I have been given the opportunity to completely reinvent my life, and though it wasn't my choice, I have decided to embrace this opportunity and look for everything good and collect blessings along the way (this is already happening).

I am taking this class because I need a nudge to dream bigger, I have nothing but space, so I may as well!" 


Michele said...

Oh, Gwen! I love your spirit. Good for you to make an adventure out of the sadness. When you are so open to the new and the newly possible, good things must come your way.

Sending hugs and love,

Jill Holmes said...

Gwen, I am so sorry. I have been exactly where you are. Not my choice either. I will say it does get better and your attitude will be the thing that gets you there faster. Good for you for spreading your wings! You will soon be flying higher and farther than you ever imagined that you could.

Elektra said...

I commend you on your positive outlook concerning this huge life change! May this inspire you to make awesome artwork as well :)