Sunday, June 20, 2010

Playing with paper

I love this book by Esther K. Smith!  I found it at the library a couple of months ago, and I kept renewing it until last week, when the library REALLY wanted it back.  I finally had to break down and buy it!  I know that I will use it over and over, though, and those are the books one really needs to purchase.

Magic Books contains lots of very clever ways to create books and toys out of paper, most involving paper folding.

Esther K. Smith is a very inventive book artist, her first book, How To Make Books, is another favorite.  I highly recommend it if you are at all interested in making books, wonderful instructions and humor.

Yesterday I made a birthday card for a good friend's 60th birthday using one of the ideas from Magic Toys.  I used the map fold with a cover, to the right is the cover.

 This is the inside of the card, lots of cool folds on which to add bits.  It was difficult to photograph, but the top of the card has a picture from a 1931 magazine of two ladies gossiping (in evening gowns) by a wall.  Under it I wrote, "Did you hear that N... is going to be 60???"  Another face says, "NO WAY!", below that,
another face says, "Darling, I simply can't believe that!"

At the bottom, there is a cake, on which I drew 60 candles and wrote, "I do believe there are 60 candles on that cake..." and added my birthday wishes.

It was a fun project, I enjoy making cards, and this one was especially fun!

I have been working on a collage on canvas board for a few days, and really enjoying that.  That will probably be the subject of my next post!  Off to the Edmonds Art Festival!


Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for sharing your book recommendation. I can't wait to see what you've made.

celeste said...

I love the card!
Looking forward to seeing all the work you've been doing and all the new books you've found -- next month!

Michele said...

The card you made, Gwen, is beautiful and I know the recipient must have been thrilled. I will check out the book. I just got one you might find interesting. It's called Image Art Workshop: Creative Ways to Embellish & Enhance Potographic Images by Paula Guhin. Full of cool things to do with all those beautiful images you get!

Summer seems to have arrived, at long last.

Fickle Cattle said...

That card looks great! Thanks for the book recommendation. Will definitely check it out.