Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Swap in a long time...

I decided to join a swap with Alpha Stamps, an online retailer of cool collage sheets, decorative paper, rubber stamps, ephemera, book making supplies, etc.  I am on their newsletter mailing list, and always enjoy looking at the newest offerings from the company.  They are usually grouped by theme, and periodically the Alpha Stamps yahoo group hosts a swap.  Some time in May, a ginormous tag swap with the theme Mad Hatter's tea party was announced, and I was hooked!   The possibilities for collage sheets and stamps were very enticing!  Also, the color theme was black and red, two of my favorite colors for making art.
One tag is on the right and just above.  I don't usually use too many embellishments in things I make, but they were a requirement for this swap.  There is a hanging medallion which says "we are all mad here" which I ordered from Alpha Stamps (with each of their swaps, it is specified what items must be used on the swap, and there is usually a sale page for those signed up for the swap. There are really only a couple of things required, on this one I was required to use a collage sheet from A.S. and some sort of embellishment, and the colors black and red, as well as a ginormous tag.  The tag is 3 1/2"x7", which is a nice size to work on.

My second tag is to the left.  The words say "Like a tea tray in the sky", the Mad Hatter's version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I will get two tags in return, the quality of work done in this group is very high, and I am looking forward to receiving my tags!

I used to do a lot of swaps, when I first got interested in making mixed media art.  I was in several fatbooks, and a couple of ATC swaps.  I liked them, but I got tired of making so many of the same thing, so I haven't done any for probably three years.

I don't really have time to get in to many swaps, but I will do another one with this group, if the theme strikes me the way this one did!


Lynn Stevens said...

Great tags!

Paula McNamee said...

What a fun theme and I like how you combined all of the elements to make interesting tags full of character.

Barbara said...

Wonderful tags for the swap! I'll be sending mine in very shortly. Can't wait to see them all. And welcome to the swap group. I've done 3 swaps now and they are always fun. hugs

Kimberly said...

Your tags are wonderful! This is my first time in an Alpha Stamps swap also, don't know what took me so long. Stop by my blog and you can see the tags I sent in.

Elektra said...

I love your books and collages!! Thank you so much for sharing your site with me :D