Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love Creating Books!

I love creating books!  I am still on the photocrawl thing, I offered to create a collaborative book of our experience at Pike Place Market.  Everyone sent me photos from the day, and I made books with all of the photos and some writing submitted along with the photos.  I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do with the books, as a couple of the women in the group were really busy and so we made the deadline to send me the photos May 1.

I found a very simple book with a rubber band and pencil (or stick) binding, and decided to use that.  The pages are brown kraft paper, and I cut covers from some red file folders I had left over from a filing project! The camera paper on the cover is so great, I found it while shopping with my daughter, and almost forgot about it when I was making the books!

The photo above is of one of the inside pages, I printed the sentences on graph paper in a typewriter font.

I love kraft paper, it set off the photos very nicely, I think.  I throughly enjoyed making these books!


celeste said...

love them! and thankful to see them in person. you are so inspiring!

Paula McNamee said...

Gwen, the pencil/rubber band binding is a great idea!