Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photocrawl: the second, in which we encounter the CEntEr oF the UNIverSe

Last Sunday a different group of local photoart journal-ists met up to crawl the Fremont Sunday Market!  Michele, Louie, Suze and I met at Alderwood mall and drove together to Fremont.  I haven't been to Fremont for years, and if I had been dropped there, I am not sure I would have known where I was it has changed that much!  Of course, the landmarks are still there, the Fremont bridge, the Aurora Bridge and Waiting for the Interurban, but there are condos galore, and very spiffed up businesses, like the new (at least to me) Fremont PCC.

The market was really great!  There were some street performers, and lots of very interesting booths, as well as an underground flea market that was fabulous!  We wandered around, shopping, taking photos, trying out hula hoops, talking to people, and then went to Blue Moon Burgers to eat and work on journals.

My scanner messed the blacks in the page on the right... Louie doesn't really have scary green eyes...she has very nice eyes!  Louie is one of the most prolific members of the photo group, and this was my first time meeting her.  She brought her sister-in-law, Suze, who was a wonderful addition to the group!
I had a very good time shopping at the market, especially the hypermarket, underground.  I loved the flea market!  Michele and I kept each other from adding too much to our already overflowing stashes!
I was a little too caught up in shopping and didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, I realized as we sat in the Blue Moon deciding what photos to print.  Maybe when I go again, I will be more focused (pun intended)!
I am very happy with my second photocrawl journal, I have an idea to do a whole series of them, in this format and to create a boxed set!

Louie and Michele have also blogged about the day, and their journals, check them out!


Michele said...

Great write up of our fun and creative day together! I loved seeing your completed journal---it captures the day so well and makes me want to do this again, soon! Thank you so much for including me, Gwen. I love every minute of it.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for sharing your photo crawl journal- we'll have to take the train to Seattle on a Sunday and go to the Fremont Market. Hope you had a great weekend- missed you.