Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photocrawl Seattle!

First a little background, I am a member of the photoart journal yahoo group started by Catherine Anderson four years ago.  Having a subject to work with for our frequent collaborative photoart books has really helped me to see more intensely.  I have an excuse to focus on the things I see that interest me and capture them with my point and shoot camera (I am no great photographer, but my little camera is almost always with me!)

Almost two years ago, I had the idea that it would be really fun to gather some of the members of the yahoo group who live in the Seattle area and do a photocrawl, much like a sketch crawl, only with our cameras.  Scheduling difficulties and my broken wrist kept the idea on the back burner until this month.  On Saturday, Paula and Jan took the train up from Vancouver, WA and Dawn and I met them to do our first photocrawl at the Pike Place Market!

All of us are art journalers, so we included journaling after a few hours of photography.  I made some simple folded paper books for everyone and using our Pogo printers, we printed some of our photos and each worked on a small book of the day.  If you click on everyone's link above, you will eventually see their books.  Paula's is up now, and mine is below.

It was a wonderful experience, I realized that though I have been to the Market 100's of times, I have never had a camera with me!  I ended up seeing the Market with new eyes!  I loved all of the neon, but never really registered it before.  It was also very satisfying to make and complete a little journal so quickly.

We all loved the day, and look forward to more photocrawls, in Seattle and Portland!


celeste said...

what fun!! totally dig that POGO.

Seth said...

What a great idea!! And I love how it turned out.

Cynthia said...

What a fantastic looking journal!!! :) You are so talented mom and I am so happy that you having fun.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Must have been a great day! We vacationed in Seattle/Olympic Peninsula two years ago and the pictures I took at the Market are among my favorites in an urban setting. Fun to see yours.

Lorrie Abdo

Michele said...

I can't wait to go "crawling" with you on the 21st! Your journal from the Market is wonderful and I can tell that you all had such a good time. I wish I could have been there, but I will be next time!

Paula McNamee said...

We had a wonderful day and thanks, Gwen, for setting it up for us! Your photo crawl journal really captured the day. We'll have to do another photo crawl soon.