Friday, September 3, 2010

And now it is September

I can't believe that I haven't posted since June.  It has been a busy summer, but busy with what, I am not quite sure.  I have a little art to show, these were done in July, though.  There was also a Gussy retreat in July, and a lot of journal pages were done.  Maybe I will post some of those later.

I have been making small collages with paper and paint on canvases.  This one is 8 x 10.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Playing with paper

I love this book by Esther K. Smith!  I found it at the library a couple of months ago, and I kept renewing it until last week, when the library REALLY wanted it back.  I finally had to break down and buy it!  I know that I will use it over and over, though, and those are the books one really needs to purchase.

Magic Books contains lots of very clever ways to create books and toys out of paper, most involving paper folding.

Esther K. Smith is a very inventive book artist, her first book, How To Make Books, is another favorite.  I highly recommend it if you are at all interested in making books, wonderful instructions and humor.

Yesterday I made a birthday card for a good friend's 60th birthday using one of the ideas from Magic Toys.  I used the map fold with a cover, to the right is the cover.

 This is the inside of the card, lots of cool folds on which to add bits.  It was difficult to photograph, but the top of the card has a picture from a 1931 magazine of two ladies gossiping (in evening gowns) by a wall.  Under it I wrote, "Did you hear that N... is going to be 60???"  Another face says, "NO WAY!", below that,
another face says, "Darling, I simply can't believe that!"

At the bottom, there is a cake, on which I drew 60 candles and wrote, "I do believe there are 60 candles on that cake..." and added my birthday wishes.

It was a fun project, I enjoy making cards, and this one was especially fun!

I have been working on a collage on canvas board for a few days, and really enjoying that.  That will probably be the subject of my next post!  Off to the Edmonds Art Festival!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Swap in a long time...

I decided to join a swap with Alpha Stamps, an online retailer of cool collage sheets, decorative paper, rubber stamps, ephemera, book making supplies, etc.  I am on their newsletter mailing list, and always enjoy looking at the newest offerings from the company.  They are usually grouped by theme, and periodically the Alpha Stamps yahoo group hosts a swap.  Some time in May, a ginormous tag swap with the theme Mad Hatter's tea party was announced, and I was hooked!   The possibilities for collage sheets and stamps were very enticing!  Also, the color theme was black and red, two of my favorite colors for making art.
One tag is on the right and just above.  I don't usually use too many embellishments in things I make, but they were a requirement for this swap.  There is a hanging medallion which says "we are all mad here" which I ordered from Alpha Stamps (with each of their swaps, it is specified what items must be used on the swap, and there is usually a sale page for those signed up for the swap. There are really only a couple of things required, on this one I was required to use a collage sheet from A.S. and some sort of embellishment, and the colors black and red, as well as a ginormous tag.  The tag is 3 1/2"x7", which is a nice size to work on.

My second tag is to the left.  The words say "Like a tea tray in the sky", the Mad Hatter's version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I will get two tags in return, the quality of work done in this group is very high, and I am looking forward to receiving my tags!

I used to do a lot of swaps, when I first got interested in making mixed media art.  I was in several fatbooks, and a couple of ATC swaps.  I liked them, but I got tired of making so many of the same thing, so I haven't done any for probably three years.

I don't really have time to get in to many swaps, but I will do another one with this group, if the theme strikes me the way this one did!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Find

A couple of weeks ago, I was scouting around Country Village in Bothell with a friend and found this odd little table in front of an antique mall.  I loved the funky chartreuse color and I really loved the price: FREE!

The top of the cabinet lifts up, and there were file folders inside...the old fashioned ones with metal tabs on the edge, another bonus!  The table extension folds down, to make it quite compact.  I thought about it for a few minutes, we live in an apartment with very limited room after all.  I decided it would make a great addition to our patio, where the table will come in handy for holding our plates and glasses when we eat outside, or perhaps my journal??   The outside journaling idea sold the deal, so we scooped it up and took it home!

Here is another view of the outside of the antique mall.  I love the old windows, but we already have one hanging on the outside wall of our patio.

My husband is usually the champ of thrift store shopping and dumpster diving, but I think I did pretty well this time!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love Creating Books!

I love creating books!  I am still on the photocrawl thing, I offered to create a collaborative book of our experience at Pike Place Market.  Everyone sent me photos from the day, and I made books with all of the photos and some writing submitted along with the photos.  I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do with the books, as a couple of the women in the group were really busy and so we made the deadline to send me the photos May 1.

I found a very simple book with a rubber band and pencil (or stick) binding, and decided to use that.  The pages are brown kraft paper, and I cut covers from some red file folders I had left over from a filing project! The camera paper on the cover is so great, I found it while shopping with my daughter, and almost forgot about it when I was making the books!

The photo above is of one of the inside pages, I printed the sentences on graph paper in a typewriter font.

I love kraft paper, it set off the photos very nicely, I think.  I throughly enjoyed making these books!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Journaling Retreat and New Pogo trick!

Last week my wonderful group of art journaling friends had another 4 day retreat on Guemes Island.  I didn't feel as productive as I have in the past, but I took quite a few pictures and had a good time.  Yesterday on Facebook, I found Traci Bunkers work with Polaroid Pogo printers, she had done a double exposure!  It is so simple, all you need to do is print one image, then run that print back through the printer and print a different image!

I played around with it last night with pictures of Catherine and Celeste, and pages they worked on at the retreat.  There was a little too much dark in each of the images, so they aren't very clear, but you can get the idea!  Traci also had a link to a very cool video which showed some truly awesome things to do with the prints from the Pogo.   If you have been thinking about getting a Pogo, this ought to push you to do it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photocrawl: the second, in which we encounter the CEntEr oF the UNIverSe

Last Sunday a different group of local photoart journal-ists met up to crawl the Fremont Sunday Market!  Michele, Louie, Suze and I met at Alderwood mall and drove together to Fremont.  I haven't been to Fremont for years, and if I had been dropped there, I am not sure I would have known where I was it has changed that much!  Of course, the landmarks are still there, the Fremont bridge, the Aurora Bridge and Waiting for the Interurban, but there are condos galore, and very spiffed up businesses, like the new (at least to me) Fremont PCC.

The market was really great!  There were some street performers, and lots of very interesting booths, as well as an underground flea market that was fabulous!  We wandered around, shopping, taking photos, trying out hula hoops, talking to people, and then went to Blue Moon Burgers to eat and work on journals.

My scanner messed the blacks in the page on the right... Louie doesn't really have scary green eyes...she has very nice eyes!  Louie is one of the most prolific members of the photo group, and this was my first time meeting her.  She brought her sister-in-law, Suze, who was a wonderful addition to the group!
I had a very good time shopping at the market, especially the hypermarket, underground.  I loved the flea market!  Michele and I kept each other from adding too much to our already overflowing stashes!
I was a little too caught up in shopping and didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, I realized as we sat in the Blue Moon deciding what photos to print.  Maybe when I go again, I will be more focused (pun intended)!
I am very happy with my second photocrawl journal, I have an idea to do a whole series of them, in this format and to create a boxed set!

Louie and Michele have also blogged about the day, and their journals, check them out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photocrawl Seattle!

First a little background, I am a member of the photoart journal yahoo group started by Catherine Anderson four years ago.  Having a subject to work with for our frequent collaborative photoart books has really helped me to see more intensely.  I have an excuse to focus on the things I see that interest me and capture them with my point and shoot camera (I am no great photographer, but my little camera is almost always with me!)

Almost two years ago, I had the idea that it would be really fun to gather some of the members of the yahoo group who live in the Seattle area and do a photocrawl, much like a sketch crawl, only with our cameras.  Scheduling difficulties and my broken wrist kept the idea on the back burner until this month.  On Saturday, Paula and Jan took the train up from Vancouver, WA and Dawn and I met them to do our first photocrawl at the Pike Place Market!

All of us are art journalers, so we included journaling after a few hours of photography.  I made some simple folded paper books for everyone and using our Pogo printers, we printed some of our photos and each worked on a small book of the day.  If you click on everyone's link above, you will eventually see their books.  Paula's is up now, and mine is below.

It was a wonderful experience, I realized that though I have been to the Market 100's of times, I have never had a camera with me!  I ended up seeing the Market with new eyes!  I loved all of the neon, but never really registered it before.  It was also very satisfying to make and complete a little journal so quickly.

We all loved the day, and look forward to more photocrawls, in Seattle and Portland!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Orange and Purple

Are two of my favorite colors!  I am in a wonderful yahoo group called Photoart Journals.  For the past few months we have been doing a series of color photo books.  My favorite colors didn't come up until the end, and I had a lot of fun getting these shots.

I went to the produce department at Central Market (organic, of course!) to take these.  Obviously, I found more orange than purple, but I like the cabbage shot!   (The top photo is golden beets, and the middle photo is of habanero peppers.)

I have not posted much lately, I need to catch up!  I will be back soon...