Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reflecting on hands

I feel a little like I am cheating here, using more photos from my Point and Shoot journal, and of the October assignments at that, but I have been busy with preparations for Christmas, so a reflection on hands seemed appropriate!

I am making things this Christmas, for the first time in a few years. Yes, I know this is a little crazy for someone who calls themselves an artist! As is the case for many this year, things are a little tight financially. I am using things I already had to make a few gifts. There is something so satisfying about that! It seems easier to buy something already made, but the fun is in the planning and the making, for me.Offering for this day, 10 days before Christmas, all the things that hands can do! I am especially grateful for my hands' ability at this moment, having recovered from a broken wrist at the beginning of this year.

I also offer another plug for LK Ludwig, she is offering a photo prompt a day from Dec. 14 until January 1st. I will try to play along, as well! I am also taking her painting class, which started yesterday! I am sorry, the photo prompt link doesn't work, and blogger won't let me delete it! Go to LK's blog (that link does work) and you will find it.

I never used to have any trouble with blogger, and now my posts look ridiculous! It highlights text I don't want highlighted, and does other crazy stuff... Any ideas?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Point and Shoot Journaling

I have been taking LK Ludwig's Point and Shoot Journaling classes online, I wrote about my first assignments on Oct. 13, and didn't do any more than print out photos after that until I went to the second art journaling retreat. I had created a simple journal with heavy watercolor paper pages, and painted them ready to go.

I worked with my photos and this journal most of the time. Below is my first attempt doing a technique involving tissue paper and matte medium and colored pencils. I found this technique quite addicting, and very fun. I don't want to describe the technique too much, as it is part of LK's class.
This photo is part of the journey series. I used white china marker on in. It is printed on a cool matte photo paper, which I LOVE. Journaling done with a white inkssentials pen, which is my new favorite white pen. It wrote easily over the rough surface of the watercolor paper, and on the glossy surface of several photos, too. They can be found at Michael's in the scrapbook section, with Ranger supplies. I give you that little hint, because I had to go twice to find it, the staff don't know what they have or don't have!Below is a self-portrait, done again with the colored pencil technique. I really love it. The journaling says it is the only self portrait I have ever taken that I even half-way liked.
Blogger is giving me fits today, and everything is out of order. Above is the cover of my point and shoot journal. I did this at the retreat, and I really like it. I have a huge thing for black and white and red...

Another "journey" photo. I also quite like taking photos in the side-view mirror!
LK is doing this class on a month-to-month basis, and I took November's class, also. She is doing it again for December, and adding another class about making background pages for art journals starting in the middle of December and running for 6 weeks. All the information is on her blog, click on the link a few paragraphs above and check it out. I have really enjoyed the classes so far, and there are new assignments and techniques every month.