Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Paper

Last year at ArtFest, my friend Catherine and I both took classes from Anne Bagby. Catherine took a stamp carving class, and I took the class called Beautiful Paper. I blogged about my class here and about making collages with the paper here.
A couple of weeks ago, Catherine spent the night with us after this year's ArtFest, and we played with some of the incredible stamps she has made over the last year. She has about 20 4x6 and 6x6 inch stamps now. They are all very beautiful, and we had a great time layering them on unwaxed deli paper.

This paper is very strong, and also translucent, making it excellent to use in collage.

This one is a single stamp used over and over, because I loved the stamp. I glazed over it with a reddish glaze, which brought out the design even more.
This one has several stamps on it in different colors, the glazing (with red again) made some of the stamps ghostly, because they were red, also.

I really love this cat stamp! I almost ruined it with a blackish glaze, this is a close-up. The page below is a section of one of my favorite papers. It was a great day, and confirmed for me that I love creating my own paper. I recently bought some carving tools, and an excellent DVD of Anne's technique from here.
Look for my own hand carved stamps, coming soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Circle Journal Rolls Home!

After ArtFest last year, Celeste started a collaboration, making circle journals. We each chose our own topic and made (or purchased) our own books, did a few pages in them, and then sent them off on their rounds. I got my Graffiti book back at vendor night at ArtFest! I am really thrilled with it.
These are the sign-up tags that each participant made. Each is so clever and colorful, as are all of the pages in the book!

This page is just one of the four WONDERFUL pages that Michelle did in my book! I love all of them!

This is Cordelia's page, tatoos are body graffiti, I love it! I am not a tatoo person myself, but I really appreciate body art, and so I am glad Cordelia chose this for her page!

This is one of Celeste's colorful and thoughtful pages. I really love this buddha she draws, and was thrilled to find it in my book, and on her sign-in tag! Thanks, Celeste! This is the first collaboration I have ever participated in, other than fat books, and I loved it. I wish I could scan the whole book, it is really terrific, every single page! Maybe I will add a few more pages randomly in my next few blog posts...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progress Report

Another page from the hand journal. I have been slowly writing on the pages I completed at Play. I like having a journal with a theme, it is easier for me to write. As I have said, I keep a written journal, and I frequently feel self-conscious when I write on "art journal" pages because to me, it seems forced. I like travel journals for the same reason, they are themed, and so the writing is more natural.

I have been going to hand therapy for 3 weeks now. I am progressing well, Wednesday I was given putty to start building up strength in my hand, and I can use it to "practice" actions I do in massage, to build up strength for that, also.

I do have a slight (I hope) set-back, as the physical therapist diagnosed me with "frozen shoulder", probably from the trauma of the fall. This is an inflammation of the capsule of the shoulder. PT and massage don't really help it. It has to run it's course, which can take a year. I do have some exercises I can do to keep up my mobility, and I can do anything that doesn't make it hurt.

I am going to practice doing massage on some of my massage therapist friends next week, to see if I can do anything useful without making my shoulder hurt. I am anxious to return to work, and I am hoping before the end of this month, I will be able to start doing a few massages a week--like maybe 3-4. I used to do 20-25 a week, but it will take me several weeks to build up to that, I am sure.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little art, and a trip to ArtFest!

I haven't been making much art lately, I have been organizing and working on other projects, but this last week I had an opportunity to work in another circle journal, this one for Michelle, her beautiful Mermaid book! I was lucky enough to be the last person to work in it, and I got to deliver it to her in person! (More about that later...) I am not much of a mermaid person myself, but I had seen pictures of this book on Michelle's blog, and on other's blogs as it was worked in. It was such a beautiful book, and I love Michelle's work so much that I wanted to really get into this book. I have been on the lookout for mermaid things and ideas for almost a year, and finally got to use them!

In the spread above I used a scan of a page from a very old book about fairies. I added twinkling H2O's to the scan, and included the poem from the book on the opposite page. Such fun!
For this page, I got to make a paper doll of a mermaid. I had a BLAST making it, and may have to make some for me! I found out about the pattern from Calamity Kim, whose blog I love! The template is from Kimberly Crick, to be found here. I got to use some glitter markers that I have had for years, and it was so much fun. I finished everything just in time to leave to meet Tara and go to ArtFest for vendor night! Luckily I remembered to take pictures of my spreads as I was running out the door!
Going to vendor night was soo much fun! We left at 3:00, took the ferry and drove up, it was a beautiful day! We arrived just in time to check out the great art store in Port Townsend and then get in line for the opening of vendor night. The vendors are teachers and attendees only, and it is an opportunity to see and buy some wonderful art in person, and for Tara and me to say hello to many friends attending AF!
I found Michelle and gave her her Mermaid book and exchanged a big hug! It is amazing how blogging friendships feel so real, and it was great to meet her in person! I also ran into Celeste, and received my finished circle journal from her! That will require another post! I love it!
After getting our fill of the excitement of vendor night, we said our good-byes to AF and had a great meal at Fiesta Jalisco in Port Hadlock! Fabulous carne asada! Can't wait to go back! We sat at the table talking about how great ArtFest is, and pretty much decided that we needed to go for the whole thing next year. The feeling one gets at ArtFest is so magical and infectious, it is too good to miss! I think we got the last ferry from Kingston, we weren't paying attention to time, it was 12:45AM when I got home, and anyone who knows me, knows that is WAAY past my bedtime.
I woke up late this morning, and showed all of my goodies to my husband, and realized that I feel as excited and energized as I usually feel when I go to AF for the whole four days!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Then and Now

If any of my siblings read this blog, and I don't think that they do, I will be in big trouble for posting this! This is a collage that my grandparents made of the four of us. I am the oldest, and from the looks of THIS collage, the most important (NOT!). They just cut up my high school graduation picture, which was bigger than all of the other photos. The curly haired baby is our youngest brother, I was 13 when he was born, and I ADORED him! He is to my right in the photo below, too. I still adore him!
Here is a shot of all of my siblings and my parents, taken last weekend in my parents apartment in Portland. We were all there to celebrate my mom's 90th birthday. We will all be back in September to celebrate dad's 85th. I am awfully lucky to have my parents still in my life! I am the oldest, and I have a rather significant birthday this year, as well, but I am not telling which one! I bet you can guess...