Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Point and Shoot Journaling Class

I am taking a class online from LK Ludwig called Point and Shoot Journaling. I have my interpretation of the first assignment above and below. We were to find two images from our archives of photos that resonated for us, and then a third image that could serve as an echo.

I chose the first two because they seemed to match my current mood. I have been feeling closed off, and distant. The window and gazing into the distance seemed so lonely. We were to make our images black and white, and for me, that furthered the mood.

Journaling exercises helped to come up with words to express the mood. The final photo is an echo, for me that was removing the glass, and "engaging the world". I have never worked with journaling prompts before, but I am really liking that aspect of the assignments.

I love photography also, and being able to work with old photos and make them central to a journal page is what attracted me to this class. I also love LK's work, so I knew it would be a good class!

This class runs through the month of October, but I think that it will be offered every month, here is a link, check it out! There is a button in the right side bar, and if you scroll down through a few posts to about Sept. 8 or 9, you will find an explanation of the class.


Paula McNamee said...

Your journal pages speak volumns with great simplicity. I really like the progression of prompts to interpret and echo your first pages and photographs. Wonderful work!!!!!

Jill Holmes said...

Love this, Gwen! I am taking the class, too. I finished the first page and am working on my "echo" assignment now. I've taken my photos for the journey assignment but have yet to be able to get to it. Did you take these photos at the Fort? I think I took some similar pics through the beach shelter windows. I remember because the scene and the window were so wonderful for photos.

lilylovekin said...

Great work on your journal pages. I to am taking LKs class and am enjoying it very much. I appreciated your explanation along with your photos, very lovely.

Michele said...


Your journal pages featuring your photography are marvelous! I have never used journal prompts so that's an idea I'll have to explore. Thanks for sharing your work with all of your fans.

Bear hugs,

Tara Ross Studios said...

These are beautiful Gwen! So expressive.


Fran Meneley said...

Hi Gwen - love your photo pages - the black and white very atmospheric. It looks like your journaling retreat was really great...and a great group of women. Will you be at Play in January? I'm coming again and can't wait. Sorry to hear about your mum passing, loved the fishing photo. xo Fran