Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I uploaded what was in my camera yesterday, and thought I would share some randomness from my summer. I walked into our local market, and was amused by the offering inside the front door. One of the clerks saw me taking the picture, and asked why, and I pointed out the sign, which she also thought was funny. The next day the sign had been edited to read "mangos".

While I was in Portland, we ate out and managed to hit some great restaurants. This day we had breakfast at Bread and Ink on Hawthorne. It was fabulous, and I am looking forward to eating there again. There were many interesting shops, this was one. I love signage!
My favorite Chinese restaurant, and pure comfort food for me, The Canton Grill on 82nd. This restaurant is over 60 years old, in the original location, and my family has eaten here for my whole life. I always have the "number 3 dinner". Fried shrimp, pork fried rice and chicken chow mein. I love everything about it. No other fried rice or fried shrimp can touch theirs! I love the lanterns on the ceiling, the large laughing Buddha at the entrance whose belly I have rubbed forever, and all the happy memories of eating here with my family.
I took the train to Portland a couple of times. It is a very pleasant ride and the station is less than 5 minutes from where my father lives. My sister picked me up on one of my trips and said that the ceiling was like one she saw in a train station in Paris! More signage.

Tomorrow I am going on an art journaling retreat with 8 other fabulous women. We'll be at a cabin at Mt. Baker for 3 days, and I am looking forward to it very much. I haven't done much art since I got back from Santa Fe. I will have lots to report on when I return!


Paula McNamee said...

Love your photos, Gwen. Have a great retreat, Paula

celeste said...

*so* looking forward to this weekend. love your "random" photos.

Jill Holmes said...

Again, I am SO jealous! I'm hoping to have a girls' journaling weekend over Labor Day but it isn't a firm thing yet. I will be coming to PLAY again in January and I look forward to seeing you there again.