Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progress Report

Another page from the hand journal. I have been slowly writing on the pages I completed at Play. I like having a journal with a theme, it is easier for me to write. As I have said, I keep a written journal, and I frequently feel self-conscious when I write on "art journal" pages because to me, it seems forced. I like travel journals for the same reason, they are themed, and so the writing is more natural.

I have been going to hand therapy for 3 weeks now. I am progressing well, Wednesday I was given putty to start building up strength in my hand, and I can use it to "practice" actions I do in massage, to build up strength for that, also.

I do have a slight (I hope) set-back, as the physical therapist diagnosed me with "frozen shoulder", probably from the trauma of the fall. This is an inflammation of the capsule of the shoulder. PT and massage don't really help it. It has to run it's course, which can take a year. I do have some exercises I can do to keep up my mobility, and I can do anything that doesn't make it hurt.

I am going to practice doing massage on some of my massage therapist friends next week, to see if I can do anything useful without making my shoulder hurt. I am anxious to return to work, and I am hoping before the end of this month, I will be able to start doing a few massages a week--like maybe 3-4. I used to do 20-25 a week, but it will take me several weeks to build up to that, I am sure.


celeste said...

now *that's* an outstanding journal entry.

you go girl!

Binky said...

Gwen, I LOVE this page! I love the whole idea of a hand journal. As you know all too well now, they are one of the work horses of the body.