Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little art, and a trip to ArtFest!

I haven't been making much art lately, I have been organizing and working on other projects, but this last week I had an opportunity to work in another circle journal, this one for Michelle, her beautiful Mermaid book! I was lucky enough to be the last person to work in it, and I got to deliver it to her in person! (More about that later...) I am not much of a mermaid person myself, but I had seen pictures of this book on Michelle's blog, and on other's blogs as it was worked in. It was such a beautiful book, and I love Michelle's work so much that I wanted to really get into this book. I have been on the lookout for mermaid things and ideas for almost a year, and finally got to use them!

In the spread above I used a scan of a page from a very old book about fairies. I added twinkling H2O's to the scan, and included the poem from the book on the opposite page. Such fun!
For this page, I got to make a paper doll of a mermaid. I had a BLAST making it, and may have to make some for me! I found out about the pattern from Calamity Kim, whose blog I love! The template is from Kimberly Crick, to be found here. I got to use some glitter markers that I have had for years, and it was so much fun. I finished everything just in time to leave to meet Tara and go to ArtFest for vendor night! Luckily I remembered to take pictures of my spreads as I was running out the door!
Going to vendor night was soo much fun! We left at 3:00, took the ferry and drove up, it was a beautiful day! We arrived just in time to check out the great art store in Port Townsend and then get in line for the opening of vendor night. The vendors are teachers and attendees only, and it is an opportunity to see and buy some wonderful art in person, and for Tara and me to say hello to many friends attending AF!
I found Michelle and gave her her Mermaid book and exchanged a big hug! It is amazing how blogging friendships feel so real, and it was great to meet her in person! I also ran into Celeste, and received my finished circle journal from her! That will require another post! I love it!
After getting our fill of the excitement of vendor night, we said our good-byes to AF and had a great meal at Fiesta Jalisco in Port Hadlock! Fabulous carne asada! Can't wait to go back! We sat at the table talking about how great ArtFest is, and pretty much decided that we needed to go for the whole thing next year. The feeling one gets at ArtFest is so magical and infectious, it is too good to miss! I think we got the last ferry from Kingston, we weren't paying attention to time, it was 12:45AM when I got home, and anyone who knows me, knows that is WAAY past my bedtime.
I woke up late this morning, and showed all of my goodies to my husband, and realized that I feel as excited and energized as I usually feel when I go to AF for the whole four days!

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celeste said...

I'm so glad you'll be coming to ArtFest again next year! It was great running into you at vendor night and YES, let's get together more often for chatter and maybe a little journaling over coffee.

glad you love your graffiti book. it's definitely one of my favorites of all the circle journals.