Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Talk to the hand...

I started a journal about my hands when I went to Play in January. I have a couple of other posts about the same journal. Here is a page I completed recently. It is still a bit of a struggle for me to write in my visual journal, as I have kept a written journal for so many years (about 39!). This journal has a specific theme, however, and it is easier to write in it.

I like this page, the photo is from a Sports Illustrated magazine, and I had saved it before I broke my wrist. I liked the exuberance of all the hands reaching. I liked the theme of hands even before I started this journal. I have several pieces of hand related art in my home.

My wrist is getting better. I go to hand therapy twice a week and do a variety of exercises three times a day. I am making progress, but I am ready to be back at work! My hand and wrist just aren't yet. I am hoping by the end of April I will be working. It will probably still take me a few months to build up to what I was doing before I injured myself.

I want to add that my friend Delorse took the photo in my sidebar, click on her name and visit her thoughtful and beautiful blog! Thanks, Delorse!


HeartFire said...

I love pages with hands, they are so evocative... I'm so glad you like that photo, I think you look great & a good place for it too!

celeste said...

I love this page! And your journaling is great.