Sunday, March 15, 2009


church from the 1860's in San Antonio, TX

Even though I no longer go to church, old habits die hard. Couldn't resist posting a picture of a church taken in October when we visited our daughter in Texas. It is still Sunday for a little while longer!

I have been fooling around on facebook a little bit, I signed up thinking it would be a way I could network and promote my business, but it seems more social than business. I had a lovely surprise on Friday when Jane, a friend from UW who I have known for over 30 years but lost touch with in the last few years, "friended" me! We have been catching up in a couple of long emails, and I hope we reconnect in person soon.

When we were at UW, we were studying intellectual history (!) and were quite serious. Now all these years later, it turns out she is very interested in art and artmaking, too! She makes jewelry with stones and beads from Africa and it is quite lovely. She has a shop on etsy here, hop on over and take a look. She also works with fiber and surface design, though I haven't seen any of that work yet.

I really love how it often happens that friends will parallel each other's interests. I am looking forward to sharing more with her.

Sunday is also the day that once or twice a month I get together with some friends from ArtFest at Third Place Books. We all bring projects and work on them and share. It is a very rich time. We did it today and I feel very satisfied. Maybe that is my church?

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celeste said...

art days are definitely part of my church!