Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Projects completed, projects begun

I have been finishing up projects hanging around, and starting on ones I have thought about doing for a long time. The following two images are of some small collages I have been making with the "beautiful paper" I made in Anne Bagby's class at ArtFest last year. (Be sure to click on her name, she has a new website with really beautiful photos of her work.) She suggested that we do some small collages with the paper we created, and it took me nearly a year to start. I am going to do more with these, they are essentially backgrounds at this point. I usually fall in love with my backgrounds at least for a while, but I think these will be even more interesting when I have added to them. I have some ideas, but want to make a few more before I start. I have made 10.

The next two images are of a project I made for my niece for a wedding present. She got married almost four years ago. I know. The project was lifted from ClothPaperScissors magazine, July/August 2007. Anna Maria Horner made this, and I loved the rules, and thought my niece would like something hand made. I had everything I needed but the 12 x 12 canvas. It was fun picking out the fabrics to use. A very easy project to complete, and it will be winging its way to Dallas, TX as soon as I show her mother (who is also crafty) this weekend!

I just found out today that the circle journals we started with Celeste as our leader, are just about done! I hope to have mine to show you in a week or so, and I am excited to work in the ones I haven't seen yet!
Have fun with your projects!


Tara Ross Studios said...

Love those papers, and what a great marriage gift!


HeartFire said...

Beautiful collages, and oh what a special wedding gift you created!

m i c h e l l e said...

Wah!!! I'm so jealous you remembered and are ACTING on Anne's assignment! :-) Even though I haven't made any collages with the papers I made in Anne's class, I did make color photocopies and have used the sweet spots for tags and cardmaking.

Take care and hope to see you sooN!!!