Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally, I learn something in Photoshop!

Many thanks to my dear friend Paula, who spent some time with me today showing me how to do a few things in photoshop! She helped me make a header for my blog! I learned how to put text on photos! I learned how to do invert! And, most of it was really as simple as everyone told me it was!

Now I just have to spend some more time playing so I don't forget how to do it... I am in the photoart journal yahoo group, and now I will be able to put text on photos. I am so excited.

And speaking of "play", the retreat at Fort Worden was incredible. I learned so much, I had creative break-throughs right and left, and hung out with the coolest people ever! I have pages to scan, check back tomorrow...


celeste said...

so glad you went!
i want to hear more about those breakthroughs.

Michele said...

Gee, Gwen, you'll have to come give me some Photoshop lessons! I'm awful with that program and what (very little) I know, I learned by stumbling over it on my own! Love your header!