Thursday, January 15, 2009

real life, a page a day

I am still doing a page a day, something I started from a challenge on Misty Mawn's blog, with an
unintended hiatus for a broken wrist, which I wrote about a few days ago. Fran Meneley, a wonderful journaler with a beautiful blog, suggested I journal about it (thanks,Fran!).

The idea that I have NINE screws in my arm just boggles my mind, never mind the fact that I can't work for a couple of months... I am really glad for Fran's suggestion, it made me realize that I have quite a lot of subject matter for journalling, as I navigate these weeks of recovery.

I haven't NOT worked over 35 years, except for about sixteen months when I got pregnant with our second child until she was about a year old. And any mother knows that that wasn't a vacation!

This isn't a vacation, either, I can't drive, I can only type with one hand, and there certainly isn't any disposable income around. I do have long stretches of solitude (and no babies!) to fill and the contemplation of what this accident will mean for my livelihood.

Check out another page-a day journaller here , her post for Jan. 14 got me thinking. All of her posts have been beautiful and thought-provoking, though.


Paula McNamee said...
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Paula McNamee said...

Hi Gwen, I love this page- the composition, the colors and what it says about your wrist. Wow- that was some surgery. It's fun to see your daily journal pages unfold and evolve. Paula

Judy Wise said...

Gwen, although this page makes me wince I find it very beautiful too. I had hand surgery some years ago and also drew pictures of my hand which I believe helped in the healing. To this day I treasure those images so full of hope and dread. Your journal pages are so beautiful. hugs to you on this sunny day. xo