Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Pages

I still can see no reason that blogspot uploads picture in the order they do... the following scans of journal pages are in totally screwy order, and not the order I uploaded them. It should be obvious which pages go together to make up a spread. I am experimenting to find my own style, following prompts has me trying to do similar style, and that is fine, but I want MY style. Sometimes I want to write, and sometimes I don't!
So I am doing my own thing. I still aim to do a page a day, and I like that. I also like the smaller journal a lot.

Trying to use different supplies, masking tape and some colored electrical tape, also an altered photo. I am "painting" the backgrounds with caran d' ache, coloring it on the whole page and then brushing water over, sometimes going back with another color while the page is still wet.

I am using what I have, and what is fast--having fun. I hope you are having fun, too!

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