Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am back!

i am back, with a journal page a day. This may not be one of my better pages, but considering that I did most of it with one hand, I am happy! The background and the fabric border were done months ago, I added the photo, the drawing, the journaling--all with one hand. Thank God that I finally mastered scanning, trying to line up a photo would be tough! I had surgery on my left wrist almost a week ago. Thanks to a nerve block in my left arm and good drugs for when the block wore off, I really have had no pain, which I think is amazing when I look at these x-rays of my wrist. That is one plate and NINE screws...

When I go in to see the surgeon next week I will have the large splint removed and hopefully be put into a removeable brace. There is no lifting with the left arm for at least 6 weeks, and then only a gradual return to enough strength and range of motion in my wrist to go back to my work as a massage therapist.
I don't talk about my work in this blog much, but I really love being a massage therapist, and this accident has really made me realize how important it is to me, aside from the fact that is the way I earn my living!
The next couple of months will be hard, but at least I can work in my art journal to process the feelings.


Chris said...

Hi Gwen, Glad you're back. Bet if feels good getting back to working on art. Love your page.
Heal quick!

Fran Meneley said...

Hi Gwen - I am so sorry to hear about your wrist - I'll miss seeing you at PLAY! Jeez, what a bummer on so many levels - those x-rays are impressive. Are you going to use them in a journal page??? THAT would be cool. I'm very inspired that in spite of the break you are committed to journaling a page a day! I'm sure it will help you heal faster - art has that capacity, don't you think? Anyway, get well soon....healing thoughts coming your way. Best - Fran p.s. Now's your chance to GET a massage!

celeste said...

prayers continue.
see you at Art group soon?