Monday, March 31, 2008

So much for two posts a week.....

So. Here we are on the last day of March and nothing accomplished for TIF for February, or March. I guess this means that I am out. I still intend to follow along with the blog, and I will work on getting my things posted as I go.

On Wednesday, I leave for ArtFest, so doubtless I will have many photos to post next week. I am very much looking forward to going, and seeing all of my friends from all over and taking some fabulous classes.

Even though we had SNOW on Saturday, I still feel the stirrings of spring, and seem to be coming out of my incredible slump. I have been doing my taxes, so they will be filed on time this year, for the first time in a couple of years! It will be a huge relief to have that off my plate before I go to ArtFest!

My daughter and her wonderful boyfriend made it to Austin, and we talk at least every other day. They love it there, though they do get homesick, and I am so happy for them and proud of their bravery. As far away as I got was Seattle from Portland!

My son has a great new job and is living in Seattle, where there is so much happening for young people, so I am happy and proud for/of him!

Now I am going to get started on making my life happy and fulfilling! Not that I am not happy, but I have been letting a lot of things slide (like my business and art) and my body (too much eating to fill the void and not enough exercise--or any, really).

I went back to Weight Watchers this morning, and I am READY this time. Thanks to my daughter and my sister and my leader, Claudia, for the encouragement! I stopped at the grocery on the way home and got supplies for vegetable soup!

I hate to admit to WW on this blog, but if I had any pictures of myself on this blog, you would know why I am doing it...

It is good to be back, and I am going to be honest with myself from now on.