Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Suburban Icebergs

The streets are clear, and the grass is back, but we are left with mountains of snow and ice, scraped up by plows. They will be with us for months, and I found their shapes interesting. I like old buildings, and apparently I like old snow, too!
Reading LK Ludwig's blog today, I discovered that Misty Mawn has issued a challenge to do an art journal page a day for the month of January. Since I had just written that as one of my art goals for 2009, I jumped on the bandwagon. Hope on over to Misty's blog and jump on yourself!

So, turn in tomorrow and see my page for the day...Tomorrow will also be my 2nd anniversary of blogging, spotty as it may be.


Paula McNamee said...

Do I want to commit to this challenge? by the end of the month we'd have lots to share. Count me in and Happy New Year. Paula

Susan said...

As soon as I saw your "Suburban Icebergs" I just knew you had to be nearby so I took a quick peek profile and sure enough, you are pretty close, we're in Wdvl. Small world!

I'm totally running outside to snap some icebergs before they melt away. (Wishful thinking?)

Susan said...

I just realized I put in my regular blog. I'm not really a strange stalker, I'm doing Misty Mawn's art journal challenge!