Sunday, December 21, 2008

December views

I haven't posted for a long time, in part because our computer was getting an overhaul and it took a while. Let that be my excuse...

The photo above is of our courtyard from the patio. It snowed last night AGAIN and we got about 6 inches new snow! This on top of the snow we have been getting off and on for the last week. In addition, we have had sub-freezing temperatures for the same period, so nothing has melted. It is beautiful, but we are not equipped for this kind of weather, so we are getting a little house-bound...
I loved these delicate footprints on the patio this morning.

We are cozy indoors, here is our little tree. A real Christmas tree takes up a lot of space in a small apartment, I found this one on sale last year, and it suits our needs perfectly. I do need to find a way to display more of our ornaments, we have some really interesting and beautiful ones, collected over 29 years of marriage.
Below is a part of my angel collection. I have a garland with white lights that we put on top of our bookcases at Christmas, and I put my many angels in and among the garland. This is only one section of the 4 section bookcase.

I have been journaling again, and I recently made a cloth doll that I really love, but I will save that for a later post. Part of the computer overhaul was to give us a little more speed, and that has been achieved, so it won't take me so long to do a blog post.
If anyone is still reading this, I hope that you are warm and cozy, and that your holidays are bright!

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Paula McNamee said...

Hi Gwen, Thanks for the wonderful photos of your Christmas collections and NW snow. Hope you're digging out of it by now, Paula