Sunday, November 9, 2008

It is a New Day, and the fog has been lifted...

My last post was about the dark day that started the nearly eight years of fear and hate and ineptitude that was/is the Bush administration. This post is about the joy I felt on the day after the election!

I am working in three circle journals that started the rounds in May and June, and on the morning of Nov. 5, I HAD to journal about Obama! His face mirrors the jubilation I felt and still feel. Like many of you, I cried throughout the day; with the waitress at the cafe in Bothell when I had lunch, with my co-workers at the clinic, when I read other's blogs, when I watched American Prayer on You-tube, listening to NPR, what an amazing day!


celeste said...

kristie's journal.
great spread! did you do something in your own journal too?

Miss J said...

I KNOW! Isn't it wonderful! I'm still so excited about it.