Thursday, November 13, 2008

circle journal swap

I am in a circle journal swap, and posted one spread I did on the great day of Nov. 5, 2008, and I have now finished my work in the three journals I had, so time to post a few peeks.

This is my favorite spread, that is me in 1971, this journal is "Magical Mystery Tour", and I got my inner hippie out. The full spread is below. I had the fortunate experience of finding exactly what I wanted to use, the first place I looked for it! Believe me, folks, that is a RARE occurrence!

Working on these journals has been a lot of fun, and I feel inspired to work in my own journals now, and to finish the journal I started when we went to Austin.
There are seven of us in this swap, and I have worked in 4 books now, so that means I have two more to go, and that my graffiti book will (hopefully) soon be returning to me. I am really excited to see what has happened in it.

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celeste said...

ooooh! i love your pages! i'm all inspired to work on my baby book in new ways this morning. (still waiting for the final shipment from Cordelia)