Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation, part 2

One day we drove to the north end of the peninsula, to Leadbetter State Park, to walk to the beach through the "woods". The park is also a wildlife refuge, and very undeveloped. We parked and walked a little way to Willapa Bay, an absolutely huge bay formed by the Long Beach peninsula. The tide was out, and we walked for quite a way along the flats of the bay. It wasn't really mud, a combination of sand, and mud, and various grasses and seaweeds. It was a cloudy day, which made for good photos. I loved the colors and texture of the grasses.
I love nurse logs, dead trees or stumps that give back to new life.
The beach trail was about 2 miles, it went through very dense and claustrophobic, scrubby forest, as well as grasses and open places before opening out on to the beach. It was nesting season for western snowy plovers, so part of the dune and the sand was blocked off to protect the nesting habitat.
On Friday, we drove from Long Beach to Port Townsend to catch a ferry to Whidbey Island, the largest island in Puget Sound. The weather was beautiful this day, but we ran into so much road work that we missed the ferry we had a reservation for, and had to wait for an hour.

This is the view from the porch of the houses at Fort Casey Inn, where the family reunion of my husband's family took place. The houses were a bit rustic, but very comfortable, the big chairs on the porches were wonderful! We took all 8 of the houses, and the Garrison Hall, which we used for family dinners and entertainment and a family mass celebrated by my husband's oldest brother, who is a Jesuit priest.

This is a section of the inside of my travel journal, with a family photo, and a combo of photos from the entertainment and the mass. Two of the older siblings turned and will be 70, and there were funny hats, songs and speeches. My husband is one of 11 siblings, and the older kids used to have to memorize poems and speeches for entertainment.

At the family reunions we always have some kind of talent show, or play, and I always wondered why. By the time my hubby came along (he and his twin are the youngest), the older sibs were leaving home and new traditions were forming. This family is great, some of the best senses of humor I have ever encountered, and we always have a great time when we get together! Luckily, most of the sibs live in the Seattle area, so we see each other fairly often. The reunion is a chance for the out-of-towners to get in on the action, and for us to have concentrated time together.

This was one of our best vacations, ever.

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celeste said...

love the journal and the journaling. sounds like a wonderful time.
i'll have to talk with you soon about housing at port townsend, i may need to stay off campus this year for artfest.