Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation, part 1

This was our destination for 4 days in Ocean Park, WA on the Long Beach Peninsula. This is Miss Lily's Cottage. It was cozy and comfortable for the hubby and I and our dear friends, Patricia and Dave from Ottawa. They had been in Oregon for a family reunion the weekend before, and we met at Miss Lily's. Patricia and I were room mates in the dorm freshman year at U of Oregon, and have stayed friends all the (many) years since then.

We meet, and begin talking as though there has been no absence, in fact, I think that we have grown closer over the years, even though we only see each other once a year.

The weather was beautiful driving to the coast, but we could see the bank of fog approaching as we got closer to Long Beach. It was foggy on Tuesday morning when we got up, but we set out for the beach anyway. Long Beach has a long beach, but one has to hike over grassy dune to get there, so nothing is really on the beach. Maybe that is why people can drive on the beach (which I think is insane and ridiculous) there.

In any case, we hiked over the dune, and at the edge of the dune, just before you got on to the beach, there was a street marker, saying 268th , which was the street we were on, pretty cool! It doesn't look like it was foggy in this shot, but it was, the sun was starting to come through. It was blowing around, and we had to be careful of the stupid cars on the beach. Luckily, there weren't many up where we were.
The next day, we went to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, which is fabulous. I love the history of the Northwest, I read lots of books about it when I was in school, and I am a real geek about visiting historical sites.

This is not a photo of the interpretitive center, though, there is an old military installation at the same site, called Ft. Canby, that used to guard the mouth of the Columbia River. I decided to wander through it, and found an absolute treasure trove of graffiti, and peeling paint! I was in heaven, and took MANY photos. Everyone was tired, and Tom kept saying time to go, but there was so much to see!

These are just two, but I am planning to do a book of the photos, and riff on the colors and shapes. There will be more to come.
This is how one's non-photographer, non-graffiti loving friends look after you finally return... It was time to go back to the cottage and have a beer and kick back! Patricia and I talked every waking moment about art and our lives, she is a wonderful watercolor painter, and is very free in her style. We painted together one afternoon, and she showed me some of her tricks. More on that in another post.


gmd said...

The beach on the Long Beach Peninsula is actually a Washington State Highway. With the frequency of severe storms, it is quite often the only means of travel from one end to the other. A Local.

Gwen said...

Thanks, gmd, I never thought of the necessity of using the beach, makes perfect sense, when I think about it!