Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The travel journal

Inspired by something Fran Meneley did in Sas Colby's workshop in Taos, see and, I painted two single sheets of newspaper with gesso and then drew lines on the dry gesso. I had to glue the two sheets of newspaper together, they curled too much, so one side has the lines and the other side is just plain gesso. I then folded and cut the papers and made a book. I love the look of the lines on the gesso, they get a little smeary and make a wonderful graphic element. The folded book is below. Counting the front and back, there are 8 pages, exactly how long we would be gone on our vacation, and I planned to do something every day to commemorate the trip. Since the "inside" of the book can also be utilized, I planned to add souvenirs and photos to the plain gesso side.
I did finish the journal while we were gone, and am still adding things to the inside. More photos to come. I am quite proud of myself, I have never done a travel journal before. I was inspired to do the travel journal by my friend Paula's travel journals of her trip to France. Find her at . Her journals are incredibly beautiful, and mine is very humble by comparison, but remember that I went to Long Beach and Whidbey Island, and she was in FRANCE!

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Paula McNamee said...

Gwen, I really like your new journa- the lines make it interesting. Do you see the newspaper text under the gesso? I can't wait to see it in person and your hands photo. Your vacation sounded great. Paula