Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am on a roll... with books

I am happy that the creating bug has got me big time lately, I have been making books and having a blast. My dear niece Alycia and LB were married on the 15 of this month, and I really wanted to do something special for her because she was the flower girl at our wedding, 29 years ago. I have been feeling very nostalgic ever since they announced the date. I also wanted to do something fun and handmade because they seem like the kind of people who would like that. They are both in theater, and their wedding invitation was a total kick in the pants! So, I made an altered board book recipe book. The cover is fabric printed with aprons, I have had it for a few years and this was the perfect use for it. I collected recipes from all of Alycia's aunts on the Delmore side (there are six) and her mom.
I covered the inside pages with interesting scrapbook paper, and used my favorite 50's housewife stamp. This title page explains the gift.
Each aunt has a page, and a recipe. I am very pleased with how it came out, I am making them aprons, also, as they both like to cook.

Yesterday I made this book from directions in issue 12 of Teesha Moore's ART & LIFE. It is made from 12x12 cardstock and scrapbook papers.
This is the front, the flaps fold out, and the rest of the book folds out from there. The finished book, folded, is 6x6 inches, and could be made smaller.
There are several square surfaces, and about 6 flaps, so a lot of surface to write on, doodle, or collage. It would make a great travel journal, or a special photo album, with the flaps for journaling, but I intend to use it as a journal and collage and stamp on the backgrounds of scrap-book paper. Teesha's suggestion in the article was to use it as a surface for collage so it wouldn't be "flat". It is tempting not to add anything, because the papers coordinate so well, but I want to see what it will look like after I work in it.

This was a very fun book to make, it only took me about two hours total to put it together, and the next time I think it will be faster. I hope I will be able to make a dent in my HUGE stash of scrapbook paper making these.

This would also be a fun way to showcase hand decorated papers, like the ones I made in Anne Bagby's class at AF.

Check back to see what I do with this book eventually.

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Paula McNamee said...

Gwen, Your recipe book is wonderful! What a special wedding gift. Good to hear from you and have a great weekend, Paula