Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Selection of Photos from my classes at Artfest

The first day at Artfest, I took a class from Theo Ellsworth ( I have long admired his work, and wondered how he could draw such incredibly detailed pictures, not only are they amazing to look at, they seem like they would be fun to do!

His class was called The Mystery Play Inside You, and we drew on these head and shoulders shaped pieces of cardboard. He guided us through the mystery play, that we discovered for ourselves by drawing on each piece, one at a time. At the end of the class, he gave us a wonderful handwritten book, of all the exercises and descriptions he gave us during the class. Above is the first page of my mystery play, we drew with our eyes closed, for several minutes and then opened up and worked on what ever mysteries we had begun with eyes closed. This was great fun, and a great way to loosen up. I think that we had almost an hour to work on each piece. It was such a luxury to have that much time, and nothing else to do, and really get into drawing. I never feel self-conscious at AF, so I just let myself go and had fun!
For this piece, we drew with both hands at the same time! That is mostly on the bottom of the drawing, and then we could finish up with one hand, and again it was great fun to draw! This might seem like it is about anger, but it is not. We were drawing the gateway for our big voice inside that has so much to say, and such a tiny mouth with which to say it. I loved the idea of this, and for me, the red equalled power, not anger.
This piece is about the heart, transforming garbage into beauty and truth. I loved this concept, also, and the book in the face was stream of consciousness.
The next piee was a self portrait, and I used eyes closed, both hands and just drawing. I let myself be completely free doing this, and I am very happy with it. I especially the head full of easter eggs! I also like the dancer who made her appearance!

Theo is a great teacher, and I am so glad that I was able to be in this class!


Miss J said...

Hi Gwen! I love this book! Thanks for showing it on your blog. Thanks also for the link to Theo's website. I really like his stuff, and what he says on his website about a "miniture city" living in his head. Awesome!

debkolar said...

The cover immediately caught my attention. I love it! What a great class.