Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Road Trip!

Last Friday I made a road trip to Olympia to visit my dear friend, Lynne. She used to live in Seattle, and I saw her more often, but unfortunately, when she and her husband moved to Olympia, we lost touch---for four years!

By happy accident, we reconnected a few months ago, and she is also into art, so after sharing show and tell, we decided to get together to play! Hence the road trip.

This wonderful place, called Fun Junk, is only open on Fridays, so that is the day I chose to go visit. I guess it changes from week to week, and it was definitely FUN! I was blown away by all of the cool junk, apparently the woman who runs it hits junk stores and junk yards from Olympia to Alameda, CA about once a month, and unloads her stash here.

Some things displayed are favorites, and when you ask about a price, she explains that she likes that piece, and isn't ready to sell it. There were a couple of things I liked that were on the favorites list, but there was plenty more to choose from!

I found this wonderful wood box for a Gilbert Junior Microscope, it has all of the original hardwear, the sliding fastener on the door, says "Gilbert" and there is a handle on the top of the box. There is a decal on the door and inside, as you can see below. I think that my brother had one of these. I was VERY glad that it wasn't a "favorite"...I was afraid it was, as there wasn't a price tag on it. I have several ideas for it.
The treasure trove below represents the rest of my haul. I went over budget a bit, but I won't get to Olympia every month, and couldn't resist! I love the blank ledger book, the pages that kept track of the "egg money" were torn out, but there are lots of pages remaining. There is a homemade Valentine from 1914, stenciled price tags, cigarette cards from WWII Britain, a 1919 almanac, old calling cards, number cards that I liked for the graphics, a copper heart, and some type of holy card, and other assorted papers.
We had a great time there, and I will make it a point to go back to Olympia on a Friday!

Lynne and I played in her wonderful studio, where I stupidly did not take pictures! She had fun stuff every where I turned! Her studio is a smaller room than mine, and I am put to shame!! She is very organized!


celeste said...

looks like lots of fun.
i'm hoping to do some fun road trips soon too. especially garage sales with baby stuff :)

Paula McNamee said...

What great treasures! Can't wait to see what you make with them. It makes me want to visit this shop someday. Paula