Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Play in Olympia

Below are the two papers I made with my friend, Lynne when I went to Olympia last Friday. These are close-ups, the papers are 12 x 12. They are also slightly back-lit.

Lynne made two or three beautiful papers, too, but I stupidly did not take photos of them! I haven't been very good about taking photos, lately.
These are using the techniques I learned in Anne Bagby's class at ArtFest, you can see that there is lots of layering of stamps, and color. They are both finished with glaze, the one on the bottom has a bit of blue in the glaze, and the one on the top had red in the glaze. The glaze really brings out the layers and the slight color change seems to bring up colors that were less evident before the glaze.
We used commercial stamps, and some work better for this technique than others, deeply etched show up better than detailed stamps, though some of those showed up better after the glaze was applied.
I don't think that I am going to be buying as many decorated papers anymore, these are too much fun to make!


Paula McNamee said...

Great to hear from you and these papers are gorgeous. I also like your collage. Paula

Judy Wise said...

I agree with Paula that these papers are frame-worthy in themselves and that the collage is wonderful. Glad you are arting it up! xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Gwen
Would you be willing to teach the WA AB group this some playday?
Jeanette (tinbird)