Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Asian collage

I have been working on a collage for a little over a week. I started with a piece of cardboard that I peeled to expose the corrugation. I rolled some white gesso on, and then some black and red paint. The paint was a little too garish, so I covered it with some Chinese newspaper, and then a napkin which I also peeled. I kept adding things over the course of several days. I prefer to work faster with a collage, but I wanted this to have a certain look, and so kept auditioning additions to the collage. I didn't take anything off, but I left several hours, or a day between additions.

I am happy with the way it turned out. In this photo, it makes me think of grafitti on a wall, layers peeling away.


seth said...

Beautiful collage. I love the layering and the color blending.

celeste said...

please post again :)
maybe a few sneak peeks of your circle journal entries?

see you on sunday?