Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I found this on a walk, while I was in Port Townsend for the PLAY retreat, Jan. 31-Feb. 4. I was so pleased to find such a great heart, and I offer it to you for your Valentine today! PLAY was a wonderful, busy, magical, friend and fun-filled weekend. I roomed with Paula ( I met Paula last year at ArtFest. We are in the photoart journal group but had never met. She lives in Portland. We became good friends throughout the weekend. Getting to know her was definitely a MAJOR highlight of the weekend.
Here are Paula and Marde talking about a journal. We all worked at round tables in the light filled Commons at Fort Worden. We had every surface covered with supplies and paper goodies received from our fellow retreatants. We were each to bring a trade, something flat that could be used in our journals. There were all levels of experience in this group, and everyone was so generous with techniques, and supplies, and advice and encouragement.

I worked most of the time, and really didn't take many pictures. I will have to take some of my journal and post them. I have been incredibly busy since we got back, we left on the 8th for a few days in Walla Walla, and I was getting ready, and trying to work at the job that pays for these jaunts!

This is a picture from the car of the rolling winter fields and the sky on the road to Pendleton, where we went to see our friend, Margaret's exhibit entitled Inner Circle: The Archetype as Tribal Elder. From the postcard: "...a series of large painted "robes" to represent the cast of characters universal to the human psyche. From Healer, Teacher and Storyteller to Victim, Visionary and Addict, these pieces speak to -and from- the deep places within us which ultimately govern our decisions, behavior, and the way we live our lives."

I need to ask her permission to post some of my photos of the robes here, but if you are anywhere near Pendleton before Feb. 22, you must go to this exhibit at the Center for the Arts. The painting is incredible, and the archetypes as depicted are by turns gut-wrenching and beautiful. Her workmanship is outstanding.

I wanted to post something, and I will take photos of the journal I made, and some of the spreads I have done in it so far, and post in the next few days. Busy, busy, busy.

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celeste said...

so going to be searching for that heart!
i look forward to seeing your journal pages.