Sunday, February 17, 2008

February TIF challenge

I have been so busy this month, that I haven't had a chance to think about or write about the challenge for February. The concept for this month is what are you old enough to remember. Many of the participants have written about things they remember from their childhoods, and as we are a diverse group both geographically and in age, the memories have been very interesting to read about.

I am also going to go with childhood memories, and thought of the things I liked to play when I was a small child. I have been thinking for several years now that I was a fairly high-spirited little girl, and I have pictures to prove it! I have been pondering when and why I became so cautious and non-adventurous. In my own personal growth, I have been trying to reclaim that adventurous child. Committing myself to growing in my art has been a HUGE part of the reclamation effort, and I feel joyous and free-spirited when I am creating either alone, or with groups.

Thinking about what I played when I was a child, I remember loving to finger paint, and to make mud pies. These activities were discouraged because they were so messy! I can't really fault my mother very much for this, as she had to do laundry with a wringer washing machine, and hang clothes in our dampish basement to dry. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and most of the year drying things outside wasn't possible.

I also loved to color in coloring books, and I still get a feeling of joy when I put crayons or oil pastels on paper. I really connect to that child-hood activity. Dolls were a huge part of my play, too. I had many real dolls and also loved paper dolls. I was very attached to all of my dolls, and took very good care of them.

I also liked playing with the dozens of children in our post-war housing development. We were so 50's! Donna Reed and June Cleever didn't seem that different from my mom. I remember that I had a dress just like Shelly Fabares' once! And dresses! Girls could not wear pants to school, even when I was in high school!

Wow, one can really get carried away down memory lane... I am going to do another paper collage, with many of these elements in the collage. I will post more when I actually have something down on paper.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Gwen- what a lovely lot of memories. It is so interesting reading the common threads and then the little (and big) differences in all of our memories. Look forward to seeing the resulting collage! Thanks to for dropping by and checking out my TIF - I couldn't email you direct :(

MargaretR said...

I'm enjoying reading about everyones memories so much. This challenge is such fun. I look forward to seeing your collage and thanks for leaving me a comment.

Carol said...

What lovely memories, and i know exactly what you mean about being adventurous as a child and now not so much! My little one used to draw these mad houses, now they always have to have 3 windows and a door, funny how we get more controlled as we go along.Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, couldn't reply as you don't show your email.

Jacquelines blog said...

HI Gwen, I am really curious what you are gonna do with this one as I like you're piece of january very much. Thanks for you're comment on my blog.

Kay said...

I enjoy your memories. The no-pants rule is something else that I remember too. And thanks for visiting my blog.