Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, new post

I know, I know, no posts for a solid month. But, it was December, and I took on too much. I didn't even do one page in my visual journal, and I swear that I was a lot more scattered because I didn't have that discipline.

I am ready to start fresh. My goal is at least two posts a week in 2008. I have a lot of goals for the year, one of them being to journal as close to daily as possible, to not spend so much time reading other people's blogs and more time working my own art work!

One of my goals for the last two years is to get my private massage practice to the point that I don't have to work part-time anywhere else, and I have written May 8 in my planner as the day I make this happen. I want to keep this promise to myself, and I know that I can do it.

Once I am fully self-employed, I want to use the extra time (when I won't be working as an employee) to figure out my next step. I want to expand my employment options by teaching more classes, one I will be doing this month is a couples massage class.

I want to take myself seriously as a person who makes art. I want to be as kind to myself as I am to others who express a desire to create, I will take the time each day to nurture my soul by drawing, journaling, collaging, taking artist dates. I will put in the time, I will do the work, and I will write about it and show it to you.

I am taking part in SharonB's Take it Further Challenge, see http://www.sharonb.wordpress.com. This month's challenge can be found under Jan. 1. I haven't decided which one I will do, or if I will do both, but I will be recording my progress here.

This is also the one year anniversary of my blog, though it has had such enormous gaps that I should call THIS my beginning. Everything is a process, and you have to just keep coming back to the things that you want to do.

Let's go!

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Michele said...

I read your blog, too, Gwen! I hope that May 8th is the special day that you have envisioned and I'll be following your progress to your goal.

Bear hugs,