Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nearly done with my first visual journal!

Starting this visual journal back in November was one of the best things I have ever done for my creative soul. I have so enjoyed just putting some things on the pages, color (most of the backgrounds have been Portfolio oil pastels, colored then rubbed off with paper towel) and whatever images come to hand from my table. Now that I have "organized" a bit, I even pull out files of things I have "saved" for collage, like on the page below. I know it is pretty random, but it was fun to stick in some things that I had been saving for "good".

I am going crazy with the quote marks, I will try to stop. Back to playing with graphic elements, below. I really have a thing for grids, like this bingo paper. I like lining up patterns and design, and straight lines, and using text for background.
This one is silly, I used some photobooth photos left over from last year's ArtFest yearbook. This journal is a little like having a scrapbook, I have decided, I am adding things I have saved, and now they have a place, and I no longer have to keep track of them!

Maybe some day I will be able to think that way about all the DECADES of family photos I have?

More random below. The heads were cut out and auditioned for my TIF collage, but were too big. I had to do something with them...
Next to last spread in the journal. More magazine fodder, and I had a lot of fun with this one!

I am having an art date with my friend, Margot, today. We are going to see an exhibit at the Edmonds Community Center of art by students of the EDGE program at Edmonds Community College. It is a program for artists to learn how to make their art a business. We haven't had an art date in quite a while, and it will be fun.

I did a little more on the TIF collage this morning, I don't know why I am dragging it out for so long, but I am enjoying it. I will definitely finish it this weekend.


Judy Wise said...

Gwen, all the pages are great but I am SWOONING over the pink layout. These are just wonderful. You should be soooooo proud.

MargaretR said...

You are really enjoying this journaling Gwen and your pages show it.

Kim said...

Just found your blog thru DispatchfromLA and I'm glad to say I did!
I love your Art Journal pages. I've been sitting here scrolling thru them over and over! Great work!
I've really got to learn that packing tape transfer technique, very cool effect on your page. I'll be back!!!!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Hi Gwen - I like "grids" also, which led me to design the needlepoint "lace" - playing with mathematic/symmetry/geometrics, etc. I never like crewel embroidery, but LOVE the stitches for embellishing. Get Judith Baker Montano's book SILK RIBBON EMBROIDERY - or ELEGANT STITCHES - if you want to learn SRE. That's where I found it.