Monday, January 7, 2008

It is Monday...

Saturday was a fun day, I always look forward to the monthly meeting of local ArtFest people at Third Place Commons. This Saturday there were seven of us, the most that have been there when I have gone! I included one photo of part of the group. We all bring things to work on, but I usually end up talking, it is hard to start something new when there are so many interesting people to talk to! It is always very inspiring to see what others are working on. I brought my visual journal to show Celeste, when I first met her, looking at her journal helped me to get started on mine, and I was able to share that with her.
Two new pages, so far one a day since last Friday. I am enjoying it! I started to say that I am determined, but that makes it sound like it is a duty, and it should be a joy--and it is! I may start a journal for the Take it Further Challenge, too. I haven't decided yet. I know that I want to do some of the challenges in fiber, so I am not sure what kind of journal will accomodate paper and cloth.
I like this page, and I will probably go back and stamp or write on it. I am using the insides of security envelopes, inspired by Mary Ann of, one of my favorite blogs! As she says, it makes going for the mail like a treasure hunt. There are a surprising number of different patterns.


celeste said...

gwen. i love your visual journal and look forward to seeing all the new places you go with it between now and when we meet again.

Paula McNamee said...

Gwen, you're sure inspiring me to journal more. It's one of my goals for 2008. See you soon, Paula