Friday, January 4, 2008

House-cleaning (one room, at least...)

Yeah, I made it! This will be my second post this week. I haven't been working on my visual journal because (in part) I no longer had a tiny space on my art table to do anything! I have spent several days, little by little, cleaning up and re-organizing all of my art stuff. I am filling a lot of boxes for the Art Asylum at this year's ArtFest, I have made lots of trips to the recycle bin with unwanted stuff, and for the first time since we moved here, making some sense out of the bins I keep my stuff in.

I have most of the top of the table open to work now, and happily did a page today! I like just coloring the background, just putting some bright color on the page!

I have many projects to do before Feb. 15, I am doing a Fatbook, an altered trading card fatbook, and a fabric fatbook--all for ArtFest. I know what I am doing, but need to get started. I am excited to do all of it.

I will show pictures of my space in a few days. I didn't take any pictures of the disaster that was my studio before I started, but you won't believe it when I show the photos I took when I was about half done!

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