Monday, January 14, 2008

A brand-new super toy!

My journal page for yesterday. I included a packing tape transfer, the baby, and I like how it came out. I love packing tape transfers, they are SO EASY, they are like magic! It is the only transfer technique that works everytime for me. We just got a new all-in-one printer, that means it does printing, copying, scanning and fax. It was a bear to install, I had to try the install CD four times before it finally installed, but I really love the new printer. It is a new one by Kodak, the EasyShare5500, Kodak's ink is pigment ink, but at least half as expensive as other printer ink, and it reportedly lasts much longer.

That was a powerful incentive, I would love to be able to print photos quickly, and with this I can. The quality is astonishing, and it is instantly dry!! I may not be able to do inkjet transfers with this, because the ink is permanent, but I was never very successful with those anyway. I haven't tried it with super cheap photo paper, yet.

I also want to print onto fabric, and I will probably have to go to Joann's today and buy some inkjet fabric so I can try it out! I am hyperventilating with all of the possibilities!

I will keep you updated with all of my experiments!

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Barbara Hagerty said...

I do some printing on fabric. It's expensive to get the injet fabric, and then the choice of fabric is limited to what is sold. You might want to try bubble jet set 2000. You can google it. I buy it online from the mfgr. and while it is an extra step or two, the results are great and you can then use any fabric you want! . . .but maybe you already know this. . .