Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally, some photos

Here are some close-up pictures of my studio table. In retrospect, maybe close-ups were not such a good idea, all of the messiness is quite apparent! I love having access to everything I need and want all within reach (for the most part). On the left is a peek at the accordian book I did for the people who went to ArtFest from my photoart journal book, more views to follow.

Another view of the studio table, showing the Ikea boxes that I have wanted forever, and finally purchased. It is so great to know just where various tools are. I have collections of various ephemera in the little boxes on top.
The other end of the table, that stack contains some of my rubber stamps, also easier to find now! Stamp pads are in a cassette tape holder that my husband found for me at a thrift store. He found an enormous one later, which we plan to put on the wall above the table, as I have filled the smaller one on the table. It will go back to thrift store heaven.

By the way, my husband is a fabulous thrift store shopper. He finds amazing things because he knows where to look in the two stores he frequents a couple times every week! How cool is that! He got me a table top easel awhile back. Did I already say that?
Here is an open view of the ArtFest accordian book. The pockets contain wallet-sized photos taken at ArtFest, and I managed to spell out A R T F E S T. The photos are on the reverse side.

The cover is a scan from an old McTavish toffee tin, stamped and labeled.
The finished book, tied with ribbon.
I am working on another page for a small accordian book, only 5 players, called Sanctuary. I am altering photos to construct the page. I am doing the altering manually, and it looks good. I can't wait to see the finished book.

I also decided to give fatbooks a rest for a while, and signed up for an altered fabric swap! I am totally excited about this one, we can fancy dye, paint, stamp, silkscreen, whatever--4 to 6 fat quarters. We will get back as many fat quarters as we submit. A fat quarter is a half yard of fabric cut in half through the middle, so approx. 18"X 22". This is a great size for working and a handy size for using in quilts or other projects. I plan to submit 6, and have them all be different. It will be a great way to try different techniques.

Now mind you, I have never dyed, painted or stamped fabric, but I am thrilled to try it. I have read a lot about it, and these swaps are a great way to try new things, and for me they are especially good, because if I have a deadline, then I get things done!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Still no photos, but hang in there!

I can't believe that I still haven't put up the photos! I have been busy, my friend Tina came for a few days. She is one of my best friends from college, and really for the rest of my life, too.

Tina's cousin, Mary VandeBogart,, has a show at Noble Horse in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. Tina came for the opening, which was on the 7th. It was great fun to go and celebrate Mary, and see Tina's other cousins, Mary's sisters, who I have known for almost as long as I have known Tina!

Mary is an amazing artist, she works in clay, sculpture, printmaking and most recently, bronze! Her bronze sculptures of horses are incredible. There is so much life in them, she took a class in the anatomy of horses--how cool is that??--and her sculpture shows it. It is so much more than technical skill, though. She has put the spirit of the horse into her work. Go and see the exhibit, if you are in the area!

Tina and I hit a couple of other gallerys while we were down there, I don't usually get a chance to go to First Thursday, because I work on Thursday evenings, so it was a real treat for me.

Friday we spent the whole day at Pike Place Market, it was an absolutely beautiful day, and we had a great time looking at everything, and sampling various food stuffs throughout the day. I had to make sure that we hit Milagros, my favorite store in the Sanitary Market. I came away with some Frida postcards and some wonderful handmade paper stamped with milagros (red paper stamped with yellow--Yummy!).

Tina lives in Salt Lake City, and we have never visited her and Jim there, but we made plans to go in August. I know, I know, it will be VERY HOT, but they have a fabulous vegetable garden, and August will be a perfect to partake of all of my favorites from the garden.

I have also been disciplining myself to devote some time to my business, which is massage. I have been having so much doing art, that I have been neglecting the business end of my business. I never neglect my clients, but doing marketing for the business always falls at the bottom of my to-do list. This is not smart if one wants to make a living and buy art supplies...

So, I have been writing a newsletter, and spiffing up my website, and planning some classes to do over the next few months.

Once I get going on a project, it becomes exciting, but sometimes it is hard to get started. Trying to learn just to make that first step, like putting the first big line on the big white journal page!

Pictures coming soon.......

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lost in the blogosphere...

I seem to be spending more time looking at other people's blogs than doing anything about my own. It is amazing how easy it is to slip into someone else's life through their blog, and vicariously enjoy what they are making and doing, rather than make and do in one's own life!

I will bet you never do that, HA! That is why everyone has such long blog lists!

I actually have been making things, I made 10 little accordian books for a swap with the women from my photoart journal group who went to ArtFest this year. I am so happy with how they turned out! I also learned an important lesson: MAKE A PROTOTYPE BEFORE YOU START!

I had the idea for the accordian book before AF, but I didn't make an actual book, so didn't know how long it would take, or that the double-sided tape I planned to use to make the pockets in the book wasn't going to work, or that I couldn't get the depth of color I wanted stamping on black card stock (so I had to rethink that part, and think that the solution I came up with was even better than my original idea).

I am very happy with how the books came out, but next time I am making a prototype first so I don't have to keep making decisions on the fly, because OF COURSE I waited until the week before they were due to start, and they took much longer than I had imagined!

I have pictures of the books, and of my studio table, which I am loving so much, but I am going to post them later, like tomorrow, because I have a few more blogs to catch up on...