Saturday, November 3, 2007

Further along the vein of gold...

This is my page for November 1, I am just grabbing what is lying on my table and gluing it to the page. I have incredible amounts of stuff that I have kept for using in collage, it is getting used, finally!
This is my page for Nov. 2. It has made me amazingly happy to be doing this, I try to do my pages as soon as I get up, I really look forward to it.

One of my biggest problems, my whole life, is performance anxiety. I will put off doing things I know that I love (like making art) because I worry that it will not be good enough, or that I will mess it up and waste art supplies. I can already feel that this little exercise in visual journaling is going to cure me of that, or at the very least make it less prominent. Doing these slapdash pages has given me ideas for more complete things that I might work on in a bigger journal. This is a 5x7 book, and I have much larger books which tend to intimidate me.

I found out yesterday that I will be going to Play: the retreat at the end of January. It is hosted by Teesha and Tracy Moore, of ArtFest fame, and one of the primary things will be art journaling. I am VERY excited to be doing this, it will be a very small group, around 40, and most of the time will be to just play, and look at each other's art. This is my idea of heaven.

As far as Vein of Gold goes, I have decided to go through the book, do the morning pages, the visual journal, and the artist dates--and the WALKS, this is a very important part of the process--but I will probably not do each one of the various projects. There are some that speak to me more than others.

I am especially looking forward to making the dolls and the masks, which come later in the book.
If any one wants to join me in this pursuit, leave a comment and a link to your blog.


Mary Ann said...

Gwen everytime I've replied to your comments I get the mail returned. You have your email listed as .com which prevents anyone from replying to your comments. Darn.
Nice pages!

Judy Wise said...

I do the same thing as you - around my work area are piles of scrap, every kind of paper element so that when I want something I just reach for the nearest promising item and slap it on the page. I cannot work in a perfectly clean studio although every once in awhile I have to put some order to it. And that perfectionism. I think everyone has to wrestle that one to the floor. The great thing is that once you crush the opponent you get stronger and stronger until you no longer think in terms of "good" but rather in terms of "fun". That's when it gets really interesting.

Miss J said...

Hi Gwen!

I'm excited that you are back on your blog! It is so inspiring what you are doing, thanks for sharing your journey with us!