Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Processing the visual journal

I have been reading through The Vein of Gold (Julia Cameron) this morning, and I realize that the writing, which is a lot of what the early assignments consist of, puts me back in to the old over-analyzing mode that has been the story of my whole life.

I know from various therapists over the years that the same stories from one's life keep coming up, over and over. Each time a little more is healed, but so far that has all been with words--talking or writing. The visual journal, my version of morning pages, is a way to process things in a whole new way. I am not "thinking" about what I put on the page, but there is definitely something breaking open here.

Of course, now I am analyzing it with words, but what is happening with the visual journaling is not something that I can put in words. For me, this seems like a very positive step. I think that I am getting to another layer (of myself) that is non-verbal.

This has happened to me while receiving bodywork, emotions have been released that are very powerful, but have no words, those emotions have seemed pre-verbal.

What I sense with the journal pages is that the PROCESS of making them is coming from a non-verbal place, a place that I have always wished I could access, where I can just BE.

Obviously, words are important to me or I wouldn't be writing about this, but I am happy that I have found another place where I don't have to explain.

Does this make any sense??


Judy Wise said...

This makes perfect sense. Sometimes when I feel a purely visual page needs some cursive on it though instead of writing a "truth" I write something I've made up that is better than daily life. It is akin to drawing and also writing but not like analyzing. It takes you to a creative place that is outside of time.

Paula McNamee said...

Good to hear from you and appreciate your sharing. You encourage me to get out my Vein of Gold book and work with it. I lkie your idea of making a visual journal in the process.

kelly said...

Hey, I'm reading through some of your back entries here and had to comment - this makes SO much sense! I've been working through/discovering/being conked on the head by the same kind of thing - and still have problems with analyzing it after the fact - but while it's happening it feels so strange and wonderful! I was thinking about your journal in this context before I read this entry. What a great way to let the ideas and experience flow!