Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Junky antique store heaven...

This is the majority of my great haul this weekend, going thrift and antique store shopping with our WONDERFUL friend, MJ, who was visiting from Walla Walla. The three of us love hitting the thrifts, and we have a regular route we follow when we are in WW. This was our first time going as a threesome over here.

The Physical Culture magazines are hilarious, expect to see journal pages and other things incorporating these. MJ and I had much hilarity reading the titles of the articles, so much so that we had to make a second trip to that store to find a couple for her. I loved the stuff we found, and this was after MJ showed us the "gifts" she brought from WW, exciting finds from cleaning out her mother's house. All will become fodder for the mill.
Saturday I went to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park to meet with other ArtFestors. I did my visual journal there that day. We all bring things to work on, and just talk about our various projects. There were only 3 of us that day, but it was interesting and fun.
This was Monday's page, I ended up with a stencil, made by rubbing Portfolio pastel through a piece of paper lace. It will probably rub off, eventually, but it was fun. I want to do more stencils. I was surprised with the direction this page went, but decided to just go along with it, and I like it.
Today's page. I seem to have this linear thing going on. I have been coloring the backgrounds with Portfolio's, because it is easy, and I rub them with paper towel, to blend and sink the color in. With trusty glue stick, I just start sticking things down. I have lots of little ephemera packs from AF, and trades and I am digging into those now.

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