Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lost in the blogosphere...

I seem to be spending more time looking at other people's blogs than doing anything about my own. It is amazing how easy it is to slip into someone else's life through their blog, and vicariously enjoy what they are making and doing, rather than make and do in one's own life!

I will bet you never do that, HA! That is why everyone has such long blog lists!

I actually have been making things, I made 10 little accordian books for a swap with the women from my photoart journal group who went to ArtFest this year. I am so happy with how they turned out! I also learned an important lesson: MAKE A PROTOTYPE BEFORE YOU START!

I had the idea for the accordian book before AF, but I didn't make an actual book, so didn't know how long it would take, or that the double-sided tape I planned to use to make the pockets in the book wasn't going to work, or that I couldn't get the depth of color I wanted stamping on black card stock (so I had to rethink that part, and think that the solution I came up with was even better than my original idea).

I am very happy with how the books came out, but next time I am making a prototype first so I don't have to keep making decisions on the fly, because OF COURSE I waited until the week before they were due to start, and they took much longer than I had imagined!

I have pictures of the books, and of my studio table, which I am loving so much, but I am going to post them later, like tomorrow, because I have a few more blogs to catch up on...


Miss J said...

Hey Gwen!

Can't wait to see your accordion book. Sounds really great! Hope you are enjoying these rainy summer days (it is good weather for crafting).

bridgette said...

hi gwen, just wanted to stop in and thank you for your very kind comment in my blog. I am glad that I have converted you to the beauty of encaustic! The first time I saw it was maybe 5 years ago in a gallery and I fell in love. They are even better in person.

Thanks again. :)

burd said...

hi! thank you for your comments on my art! sorry it took so long to reply. i went to post some pages and noticed "i have a comment!" hehe

now i'm off to poke around your blog. can't wait to see pics of your studio table sometime.

oh, guess i'll post those journal pics after awhile. sound familiar? ;)