Thursday, April 12, 2007

What I made at ArtFest

I am a little shy about doing this, but here are the things that I made while at ArtFest. I guess that I am going to have to get over being "shy", because having a blog in itself kind of hangs you out there for anyone to see. I have always felt like I was a bit of a closet exhibitionist... Anyway, the first photo is of the altered photo imagery collage I made in Karen Michel's class on Friday. I love it, and I loved her class. I learned a lot about different ways of manipulating photos, and it is exciting because I still haven't been brave enough to learn how to use photoshop. My next learning curve will be to figure that out. I love the hand altered photos, though and will still continue to do that.This is one of the pieces I made in Anahata Katkin's personal icons class. This was the class where we were encouraged to work fast and intuitively, and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this class. I tend to overthink things, and it actually stops me from even beginning lots of times. I loved having to work fast and not really having any idea of what we would end up with. I am very happy with this piece.This the first piece I made in Anahata's class. This one amazed me, the theme that came out as I was working blew me away. It is a bit personal, and not as beautiful as the Asian woman, I loved being able to write on the pieces as a graphic element, I found it very powerful to add words that had meaning to me, but in such a way that the viewer can't really read them without really studying the piece. I am such a word person, this was like explaining the piece, but only to myself.

I also took a wonderful class from LK Ludwig, on Sketchbook as Personal Design Source. I learned many wonderful things in that class, but as LK said, it was a process class, not a product class, so I don't have anything to "show" for it, but it was a wonderful class and I think that LK is a fabulous and generous teacher.

So, I am done documenting ArtFest. I am on to new projects, and I need to DO MY TAXES!!! I hate doing them, but having them hanging over my head keeps me from doing anything creative, so I had better get to it.


kelly rae said...

the piece you made in anahata's class was my favorite thing period that came out of that class on show and tell nite! i don't think i realized that was you that created that piece. gwen, it's FANTASTIC! how cow!

Judy Wise said...

I had to laugh about your comment on being an exhibitionist. Doesn't it feel weird? That you don't know who is reading it. I go through periods of feeling exposed but there is also the wonderful connection and that is wonderful. I am so glad you've joined us in blogland. Your work is so wonderful and sharing it inspires others.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, the pieces that you made at Artfest are wonderful. I hope to go next year. My favorite is of the asian woman. thank you for inviting me to view your blog!
Kim Rae Nugent