Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And now for the people of ArtFest...

These are photos of some of the great people I met and spent some time with at ArtFest. I am still figuring out this adding photos thing. I can't figure out how to add captions to the photos, so I will explain them now.

From the top, randi feuerhelm-watts, who I met through the photoart journals group. We have been emailing for several months, and this is the first time that I met her. I sat between randi and Jennifer Louden in LK Ludwig's class on Friday. I feel like I know Jennifer because I have been reading her newsletter and blog for years, and I met her last year at AF, but this year I got to talk to her much more, and I love her!! That was a true RED LETTER DAY to sit between those two, whose work I admire soo much.

randi has a new book out, Wide Open: Inspiration & Techniques for Art Journaling on the edge which I highly recommend. Jennifer is the author of many books, her latest is The Life Organizer: A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year, an absolutely beautiful book, and so appropriate for our times. Both books are a visual feast as well as being full of inspiration.

The second photo is Jennifer and LK, sharing a creative moment. Next is Catherine Anderson, the moderator and creative genius behind the photoart journal yahoo group. I am so fortunate that we met at last year's AF, and that she told me about this group. I love working a camera, thanks to the inspiration of Catherine and the others in the group, 8 of whom I met this year at AF. There were a couple of group pictures taken, and when I get one, I will share.

The fourth photo is Jean Johnson, I met Jean at AF last year, and we became good friends, I have looked forward to seeing her since last March. She is an incredibly funny woman, and smiles a lot, though she doesn't like to have her photo taken. Her heart is enormous, and I wish we lived closer!

Finally, Liz and Kelly Rae. These two young women are such an inspiration to me. They are really going after their dreams and living very intentional lives. I am so glad I got to spend time with them! And don't they look SO HAPPY!? Kelly Rae was selling her art at her first vendor night, I am so proud of her!

I will post some photos of my art and others tomorrow.

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Nancy Neely said...

Wow! I looked at that first picture and thought gee...Gwen has really changed. That doesn't look like my sister. I kept staring at it trying to find similarities but the only thing I could see was the red hair. Then I went down to your blog with photo explanations and discovered that's not you!! I thought I was losing my mind at first!
Youe ever loving seestah!