Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have been a little absent

A busy week, a lot of work at the clinic and at my private practice, and no art or interesting photos.

However, I am not working today, and Tom and I are going to Whidbey Island for the Burning Word Festival, a festival of poetry in Greenbank. I read about it in the paper last Sunday, and we decided to go.

My husband, Tom, is a poet and he has a blog where he posts poems, and selected bits of writing by others. His blog is He is going to take some poetry for the open mic sessions. I love poetry readings, and there should be some good people watching, too.

I am taking my camera, and will have something to post tomorrow, hopefully.

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celeste said...

gwen...thanks for the kind & generous comments on my blog. yes, that was my first artfest and i *loved* it. it's late here, so i'll be reading more of your blog later. i did read your 'bio' page - i just finished reading laurie king's latest book with the sherlock holmes theme and loved it (i love that i recognize places because we live here and i love finding a good mystery writer and then reading *everything* they've written).