Sunday, April 29, 2007

A fun day, beautiful weather

Please check out April 28 posting on Miss J has a very interesting essay about her love of drawing, cleverly illustrated, as well. I found it a very fascinating read, and inspiring, as well.

The trip to Whidbey was great, the poetry festival was good, we really enjoyed talking to the small press people who were there. We hit a thrift store in Langley where I found a GREAT old scrapbook, about 12X24 for $1.00!!! I plan to remove the blank newsprint pages and put in heavy watercolor paper and make an art journal. I am so excited about it!

We also found some prints of birds, and a bunch of great postcards that were quite inexpensive, as well. We had heard about a thrift store in Freeland that is supposed to be great, but we apparently went on a less-than great day. Not much there that interested us.

I didn't take many photos, either. Folks were tightly packed in the tents listening to poetry, and it would have been a bit intrusive to take photos. I will post a photo of my great scrapbook find later, though.

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liz elayne said...

gwen! thanks so much for your comment. i so enjoyed talking with you at would be great to get together soon...thank you for your kind words about my prayer flags.

i cannot believe i have lived here for three years and have not been to whidbey. i have no excuse. :) people tell me it is wonderful. and the poetry festival sounds like it was fantastic! and the thrift store sounds like it had some great finds...