Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the THIRTEENTH is a good one!

I forgot to bring my camera with me today, and I saw the best "subject" in Starbucks. This is a Starbucks in Kirkland, a rather upscale area, and this gentleman was doctoring his drink near where I was sitting. He had the most amazing pair of pants on, they were black with many pockets and seams, all sewn with a vivid green, very prominent against the black (they looked brand new).

The really amazing thing were the chains! He had these very long looping chains hanging from somewhere under his black leather coat, almost to his ankles. I was so fascinated by the pants that I almost didn't look up, but he was fully coordinated, he had a black fleece hat on, which had EARS which were lined with the same vivid green. It was quite the ensemble, and he looked like he maybe worked at Microsoft, otherwise. Who knows? maybe he does.

Unfortunately, he took the drink to go, I was hoping to see how he sat down with all those chains...It never fails, whenever I DON'T have my camera, I see something like that. I had to charge all of the batteries yesterday, and I put them in the camera this morning but forgot to put the camera bag with my other stuff.

In other news, I had a wonderful massage last night from Lynn W at the clinic where I work in Bothell. She did about 30 minutes of cranial sacral work, and it was amazing. I felt so totally relaxed, but alert as well. She said that I might notice some shifts in my life, though she felt that 30 minutes was probably not long enough to notice much.

As it happens, I found my self dancing and moving this morning and it felt really incredible! I always love to dance, but don't let myself do it enough, but this felt so nourishing and joyous, I definitely felt something different. I mean, I only danced for probably less than 5 minutes, but I felt invigorated all day, and found myself moving differently, shaking out my hands during my massages, and between them and the action of shaking my hands and moving to my own internal rhythm felt incredibly right.

I think that I may have experienced a little of the shift that Lynn was talking about. I am certainly going to explore cranial sacral more. I don't think that I will ever stop discovering new things about bodywork and its effects on my body and spirit.

Sorry, no photos now. I am going to put my camera with my things right now.

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